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Business Tax Help for Detroit-area Business Owners


Detroit-area businesses have experienced business tax problems in record numbers. IRS tax debt affects businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Just like with individuals taxpayers with tax debt problems, we can provide professional business tax help for your business tax problems. Many business tax problems arise because:

  1. Most business owners don't have a lot of experience with IRS tax withholding and filing requirements.
  2. Some owners use their limited funds to pay operating expenses without putting aside money withheld from employee’s paychecks for payroll taxes.
  3. There was a failure to file business tax returns on time, or at all.


Common Business Tax Problems:

1. Payroll Tax Problems

Do you owe delinquent payroll taxes to the IRS? Payroll tax problems are serious business tax problems. If you fail to pay your payroll taxes, you will eventually be forced to pay and moreover you will have to pay tax penalties and interest as well. Payroll tax problems require prompt business tax resolution.

These tax problems typically arise when businesses owners use their limited funds to pay operating expenses without putting aside money withheld from employees paychecks for payroll taxes. Problems also arise because they have never owned a business before, can’t afford an accountant and/or didn’t know a Form 941 had to be filed with the IRS.

Payroll Tax Resolution for Michigan businesses

Any Detroit business owner who has experienced payroll tax problems will tell you that they are v very serious issues to the IRS. Some of the most aggressive collection efforts against our Metro Detroit clients have involved delinquent payroll taxes.

The reason why the IRS aggressively pursues payroll tax delinquencies is because the failure to pay IRS payroll taxes is in effect a failure to pay the government. Really, this was never your money in the first place, but rather, it belonged to the employees on whose behalf you held the money "in trust" to be paid to the government when due.

IRS payroll tax problems can cause significant financial burdens for your business. It can lead to the IRS showing up unexpectedly or seizing your company's bank accounts or other asset, leaving you with no money to operate your business, and eventually causing your business to fail.

Payroll tax problems are uniquely challenging for tax attorneys, but our Detroit Pure Tax tax attorneys have a wealth of experience in working with the IRS on behalf of our clients to resolve their payroll tax problems.

2. Worker Classification – Employee or Independent Contractor?

Many employers try to avoid their obligation to pay employment taxes by fraudulently classifying their employees as independent contractors. If the IRS suspects that you may have misclassified your workers, and you've received a notice challenging your tax return, you should contact a local tax resolution expert, as you may be subject to substantial back tax liability as well as penalties and interest.

3. Overstating Deductions

We all make mistakes. Sometimes the IRS simply disagrees with how you've characterized an expense. If the IRS has challenged your return or questioned a deduction, our local tax attorneys at Michigan Pure Tax Help can help you to negotiate a successful resolution. Learning that you have a business tax problem is not good news, of course. But, our Detroit-area, locally based business tax resolution attorneys can help to ensure that you receive strong, vigorous, knowledgeable counsel and representation.


Business owners in the Detroit area in need of business tax help can contact Michigan Pure Tax today. (248) 329-1160

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Tim and his team at Pure Tax are wonderful. They answer my calls and questions anytime I have them, and have made my ordeal much less scary. I definitely recommend them.
~ Angela C.

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