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IRS Back Taxes Help for Michigan Taxpayers


Like Michigan winters, IRS back taxes are a nightmare for Metro Detroit taxpayers. If you owe the IRS back taxes, but cannot pay, you are in good company with Michigan Pure Tax as our local tax attorneys can provide IRS back taxes settlement, quickly and efficiently. A couple of items are simply beyond dispute:

  • The IRS expects you to pay your back taxes.
  • The IRS expects you to file your tax returns.
  • The IRS will work with you if you have proper representation.

The reasons why it's important for you to have proper back taxes representation are simple:

  • Experienced tax attorneys have the skill and experience to interpret the rules governing the IRS' collection of back taxes.
  • Tax attorneys in general are specifically trained to negotiate back tax settlements with the IRS and understand where the IRS has leeway and where they lack discretion to grant concessions.
  • Owing back taxes may be too emotionally involved for a taxpayer to attempt to settle their back taxes themselves.

IRS Back Tax Relief Methods

1. Partial Payment Installment Agreements

If you don't qualify for a full installment loan, we may still be able to get you a partial installment agreement enabling you to pay off much of your balance through manageable installment payments.

2. Offer in Compromise

The offer in compromise is rarely the appropriate tax resolution strategy, despite what you may have heard from national tax relief companies on radio or TV. The IRS offer in compromise program is actually, only available to a small percentage of taxpayers. If the IRS believes that you have the income and assets to repay them, they will not accept an offer in compromise.

On the other hand, the IRS, through the Fresh Start initiative, has broadened the qualifying guidelines so some taxpayers who previously would not have qualified for an OIC may now qualify. The paperwork associate with an OIC application is complex, but our locally based tax attorneys and accountants can meet with you to review your tax case and determine whether an offer in compromise is appropriate.

3. Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

Increasingly, many of our clients qualify for CNC status, which puts a temporary hold on collections, which may become permanent if there is no material change in your income or assets.

Resolving IRS Back Taxes Starts Today!

When you owe IRS back taxes it's hard to focus on anything but your back tax debt. Everything else suffers - your job, your family, maybe even your health. The best way to stop the vicious cycle of stress and debt is to meet with our locally based Michigan tax attorneys who have helped countless other Detroit-area taxpayers settle back tax debt. Contact Michigan Pure Tax Resolution today and we will schedule a FREE consultation with you and help settle your IRS back taxes for good. (248) 329-1160.

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Tim and his team at Pure Tax are wonderful. They answer my calls and questions anytime I have them, and have made my ordeal much less scary. I definitely recommend them.
~ Angela C.

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