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If you own a business in Michigan, you understand the variety of tax and payroll obligations involved. It's more than just filing your tax returns on time, it's about keeping your payroll and books up to date, and classifying your workers properly.    All these things, if not handled properly, can lead to many detrimental problems for your business that require the help of a business tax help professional.  If the IRS or State Treasury is threatening your business' well-being, it's absolutely crucial you act immediately before they evolve into more serious issues that start impacting your financial future for you and your family.

Since opening our doors in 2008, Michigan Pure Tax Resolution has strived to offer the best business tax help available in Michigan.  Our team of business tax professionals, including tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants have helped hundreds of local business owners rectify tax problems with the State or IRS, and maintain healthy tax filing, payroll, and bookkeeping moving forward. Our goal is to help you, the business owner, streamline your tax obligations so you can continue on track for growth and profitability!

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Proven Solutions For Your Business Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Resolution

Payroll tax problems continue to be the most common issue we encounter with our Michigan business clients. By nature, they can arise from many different reasons. In many cases, a business owner may need the funds to pay for something else, in turn shorting their payroll tax obligations. They can also stem from a simple miscalculation in the payroll filings. Either way, the IRS takes payroll tax debt very seriously, and impose harmful penalties for them. If you are a Michigan business owner facing payroll tax problems, we offer payroll tax debt relief, and solutions to maintain proper payroll tax compliance moving forward.


Correcting Overstated Tax Deductions

Tax deductions are an enormous benefit for Michigan business owners, but some businesses overstep their boundaries when filing deductions, in turn leading to IRS and State complications.  To avoid audits and other penalties from the IRS, it's important to have a tax filing professional on your side that can get the most out of your tax deductions while complying with tax regulations. Our licensed tax professionals can consult with you to properly identify and file your business tax deductions.


Properly Classifying Workers

According to U.S. tax regulations, as an employer you must properly classify your employees depending on their involvement with the company.  Classifying a worker as 1099 when they should really be a W2 worker is illegal, and can result in harsh penalties and audits from the IRS and state. We can bring clarity to your worker classification obligations and resolve any backlash you may be facing.


Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Management

Our firm is dedicated to helping Michigan business owners grow and maintain healthy tax compliance. Although we help Michigan business owners navigate and settle tax problems, our services don't stop there.  We have a team of tax accounting and tax law professionals that partner with local business owners to help achieve success. We can formulate a monthly payroll, bookkeeping, and tax accounting plan that will keep your business on track for success.




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