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IRS Back Tax Help for Michigan Taxpayers

Michigan tax attorneys helping local taxpayers secure affordable and convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plans

Get Professional Help To Settle Back Taxes For Good

When facing any degree of IRS back taxes, it's important to educate yourself on their nature, and options for settlement.  We have helped hundreds of Michigan taxpayers settle back taxes head on, so we understand the amount of stress and hardship it can cause.  Yes, back taxes should be taken very seriously, even if it's a relatively modest amount.  Back taxes, no matter the amount, will accrue penalties and interest as time goes on. Furthermore, if your back tax debt goes unsettled for too long, the IRS will eventually target your for a wage garnishment or levy.

Moral of the story?  Time is your worst enemy. The best thing you can do is take action as soon as you get that tax bill in the mail.  If you are having trouble paying your back taxes and would like to explore options for back tax settlement, our Michigan back tax help experts are at your service. Our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents combine decades of experience helping local taxpayers reduce and settle back taxes, while keeping their assets and wages safe from collections.  When you hire us to represent you with the IRS, we will help you qualify for the best possible IRS back tax forgiveness plan, helping you pay your back tax debt in convenient installments, and even reduce your overall tax debt amount.

IRS back tax forgiveness Michigan

Maddi Benedict - Tax Attorney

Your Options for IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

We strive to offer the best IRS back tax help in Metro Detroit and can help you qualify for any number of affordable back tax settlement programs...

Monthly Installment Plans

Back tax installment plans are a simple and straight-forward method to pay off your back taxes. The IRS will allow most Michigan taxpayers with back taxes to pay off their balance via a monthly payment plan for a reasonable amount.  To qualify, contact us today and we'll evaluate your back taxes situation and recommend a plan that fits your lifestyle.


Officer In Compromise (OIC) Agreement

An OIC is perhaps the most desirable back tax forgiveness plan for Michigan taxpayers with substantial back tax debt. Usually reserved for folks with over $15,000 in back tax delinquency, an OIC is when the IRS agrees to negotiate down your back tax amount in order to get the balance paid off quicker.  To qualify, you must meet the proper conditions and have an experienced tax professional negotiating on your behalf.  Our licensed tax experts can help you qualify for an ideal OIC plan.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Determination

A CNC determination is when the IRS agrees to suspend your back tax obligation, and is exclusively reserved for folks that are dealing with financial hardship.  Many Michigan taxpayers with significant back tax debt can't afford to pay their back taxes and sustain a living for themselves and/or their families. In these scenarios, the IRS does offer relief through CNC status.  Qualifying for this IRS back tax forgiveness plan requires more attention and preparation, services that our licensed tax experts specialize in. To learn more about a CNC plan and if you could qualify, contact our office today for a free consultation.




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