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IRS Penalty Abatement

Licensed tax professionals helping Michigan taxpayers reduce and settle tax penalties

Solutions To Reduce Or Eliminate IRS Tax Penalties

IRS tax penalty abatement refers to the reduction of penalties imposed on taxpayers who fail to comply with one or more provisions of the Tax Code or the Michigan Treasury regulations. Tax penalties may be as significant a burden as the underlying tax itself, as they continue to accrue indefinitely until a tax debt settlement is pursued.

Our IRS penalty abatement work with Metro Detroit area taxpayers has demonstrated to us that the burden imposed by IRS penalties is greater now than ever. This is hardly a surprise, as the number of tax penalties has increased in recent years. The Internal Revenue Code now gives the Internal Revenue Service the power to impose more than 140 distinct tax penalties, so there's a tax penalty for just about every type of error or omission in connection with your taxes. Tax penalties exist to "encourage" Michigan taxpayers to follow the law, but some may find themselves beyond the point of avoiding tax penalties and are struggling with them every day. If you are ready to settle your tax penalty issues for good, our licensed tax professionals are ready to provide a solution.

IRS penalty abatement Michigan

Jonathan May - Enrolled Agent

Our IRS Penalty Abatement Solutions Can Address All IRS-Related Penalties

IRS tax penalties typically fall under 5 main categories, with many grey areas and circumstantial factors in between:

  • Accuracy-related penalties
  • Tax fraud penalties
  • Under-payment of tax penalties
  • Late filing or failure to file taxes penalties
  • Combined penalties

Many are identified as "purposeful" violations, where a taxpayer purposely commits fraud or misjudgement on a tax return. However, most tax penalty infractions stem from mistakes, like forgetting to file or a few miscalculations or oversights on a tax return filing. Either way, the IRS will impose penalties, so having professional IRS penalty abatement is important.  

Our firm is comprised of seasoned tax professionals, including Michigan tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants that have the collective ability to negotiate with the IRS and rectify any tax filing issues to reduce or eliminate your tax penalties.



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