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Metro Detroit tax resolution company delivering proven IRS tax help for Michigan individuals and businesses

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Michigan is home to many hard working individuals and businesses, and Pure Tax Resolution is here to help Michigan taxpayers settle tax problems, protect their assets, and maintain tax compliance.  Regardless of the origin or nature of your tax debt problems, it's important to act as soon as possible and pursue professional tax help.  With the help of our licensed tax professionals, you will be on the path to a lifestyle free of tax problems.   

Founded in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, Michigan Pure Tax is a local Michigan tax resolution firm built on results and customer service. We aren't one of the 1-800 tax relief gimmicks that prey on desperate taxpayers, instead a locally established firm comprised of licensed professionals that work directly with our clients.  If you are a Michigan individual facing tax problems with the IRS or State Treasury, we are prepared to help you today.  Located in Milford, our doors are open for any local taxpayer that needs proven and professional tax help.  If that isn't convenient for you, our President, Tim Halcomb can come to you.  We are here as a full-service resource for Michigan taxpayers, and take pride in delivering proven tax resolution services with the best customer service you can find!

IRS tax resolution company Michigan

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Expert Tax Resolution Services by Licensed Tax Professionals in Michigan...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

IRS back taxes are the most common tax problem we encounter with our Michigan clients. In reality, the vast majority of folks can't simply pay off their back tax debt in a lump sum, so how does one settle back taxes without going broke?  Although very serious and stressful, it's important to know there are options for relief. With the proper representation, the IRS will grant various back tax settlement programs where you pay off your debt in affordable installments, or even reduce or suspend your back tax debt all together.  Every case is different, and requires an IRS back tax help professional to negotiate a back tax settlement in your favor. Our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents are specialists at securing affordable IRS back tax forgiveness programs for our Michigan clients.


Michigan Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

Tax attorneys and enrolled agents are the secret weapon in settling tax problems, as they have knowledge and privileges that an every day CPA or Accountant does not have.  Our team of licensed Michigan tax attorneys & enrolled agents provide a variety of unique advantages for our clients facing complicated tax problems. Perhaps most notably, they are licensed with the ABA, giving them distinct power to contact the highest IRS or State Treasury officials.  In addition, their expert knowledge of the tax codes, combined with advanced negotiation skills allows them to pursue and secure the best possible tax settlements for our clients.  See how our licensed Michigan tax attorneys can be an asset for you or your business!


How To Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

When the IRS decides to exercise a wage garnishment or levy against you, there is absolutely no time to waste, you must take action ASAP.  The IRS doesn't discriminate, if you have prolonged back tax debt and have failed to address it, they will come after your assets or wages.  All hope is not lost, however.  With the help of our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents, we can put a stop to wage garnishment as early as today.  We will contact the IRS on your behalf, pull your transcripts, and start building a plan to settle your back taxes, in turn suspending any collections against you.


IRS Tax Audit Representation

When facing an IRS audit of any kind for yourself or business, it's important to seek professional help for your IRS audit.  A tax audit representation expert, like our team of tax attorneys and accounting professionals, have the ability to dissect any misfiled tax returns and rectify them. We can also review the documentation and prepare and paperwork required by the IRS or state.  Either way, having professional IRS audit representation will minimize the risk of any consequences stemming from an audit, and help you maintain compliance in the future.


Tax Penalty Abatement

There are a large variety of tax penalty classifications in the U.S. tax code. As a consequence, the potential for encountering tax penalties is pretty high.  If you are a Michigan taxpayer facing tax penalties as a result of outstanding back taxes or misfiled tax returns, time is your worst enemy. Since penalties and interest compound over time, it's important to pursue professional IRS tax penalty abatement as soon as possible. The licensed tax experts at Michigan Pure Tax can secure a convenient penalty abatement plan that can reduce, or even eliminate tax penalties and interest.


International Tax Help & Compliance

In addition to resolving all types of domestic IRS tax problems, we have customized our services to Michigan residents facing international tax problems. Our international tax attorneys and consultants help with a wide variety of offshore investment and employment matters. For offshore investments, we can help you stay compliant with FBAR and FATCA regulations.  If you are involved with international employment, we can help with your tax filing, or rectify any international tax issues you have, as well. 



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