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IRS Wage Garnishment Help for Michigan Taxpayers

Licensed tax attorneys helping Michigan taxpayers stop IRS wage garnishment and levys

Expert Help For Your IRS Collection Problems

Throughout this website, we may have alluded to scenarios where your back tax debt could evolve into more serious problems.  Wage garnishment or levies are the serious issues we mean.  As your outstanding tax debt prolongs without taking the measures to settle it, the IRS will exercise a garnishment or levy to reclaim what is owed to them.  If you are a Michigan taxpayer that has received an Intent To Levy notice from the IRS, it's crucial you pursue professional wage garnishment help.

As a professional Michigan tax resolution company, one of our most important services is helping Michigan taxpayers stop wage garnishments, and pursue options for tax debt relief.  With the help of our licensed wage garnishment attorneys, we can negotiate a wage garnishment relief plan with the IRS that will suspend your collection, and pave your path to tax debt settlement for good.

Stop IRS wage garnishment Michigan

Jonathan May - Enrolled Agent

Take The Proper Actions To Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

Don't Ignore The Notices

You won't wake up one day to your wages or assets being levied, so it's important to know that you will receive plenty of notice from the IRS before they exercise a wage garnishment or levy against you.  You will receive an "Intent To Levy" letter in the mail, in the form of a CP-90 or CP-297 notice. This letter is your warning to take action, and the IRS will usually give you a 30 day notice to take action.  In addition, the IRS will never call you to notify you of a collection, or to collect money from you. This is a SCAM, do not comply and hang up if you do get a threatening phone call.  If you are facing a legit threat of collections against your wages or assets, time is your worst enemy. The faster you act to pursue professional wage garnishment help, the better chances you have to mitigate the damage.


The Intrusive Nature of Wage Garnishments & Levies

Once a collection strikes, you are looking at a very difficult situation that can leave you powerless. Once the IRS decides to exercise a collection against you, they will instruct your employer of the situation and begin taking money from your paycheck in order to pay off the outstanding debt.  Or, they will levy your assets, mainly your bank account. Your funds will be suspended and will be under control of the IRS. 

As you can see, this is a very serious issue for many Michigan taxpayers, as most folks can't afford to live while their assets and wages are being compromised. The IRS has authoritative power to take back what is owed to them, regardless of your financial situation.  The only way to combat this is to have a licensed tax professional representing you with the IRS to stop IRS wage garnishment or levies, and construct a plan to settle your tax debt without destroying your financial well-being.


Our Licensed Tax Attorneys Can Stop IRS Wage Garnishment IMMEDIATELY

Quite possibly the greatest benefit our firm provides for our Michigan clients is the ability to protect their hard earned assets from the IRS.  Only a licensed tax professional like our tax attorneys and enrolled agents know how to stop IRS wage garnishment or levies, but it's up to you, the taxpayer, to contact us in a timely manner.  

Once you hire our firm to for wage garnishment help, we will contact the appropriate IRS officials IMMEDIATELY, get to the bottom of your collection issue and can usually stop wage garnishment in 24 hours.  If you are Michigan taxpayer receiving collection letters in the mail, or are currently being targeted for a wage garnishment or levy, we invite you to contact our office right now for a free consultation.  Our team of licensed wage garnishment attorneys and enrolled agents will get started on your case today and do our best to protect your financial future!



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