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Michigan Tax Attorneys

Licensed tax resolution attorneys delivering proven and effective tax settlements for Metro Detroit taxpayers

Dedicated Tax Resolution Attorneys in Michigan

Seeking the help of a licensed tax attorney that specializes in tax resolution is your best option to properly settle your tax problems.  Tax resolution attorneys, like our professionals at Pure Tax Resolution, specialize specifically in representing Michigan individuals or businesses when they are facing any kind of IRS or State tax debt problem.

With so many tax attorneys and tax relief firms on the TV, radio, and internet, it's hard to differentiate them all and find the right professional you can trust.  At Michigan Pure Tax Resolution, we strive to be unique, and offer proven tax resolution with superior customer service. Many of the "1-800' tax gimmicks you see in the media are just marketing companies looking to outsource your case to the highest bidder.  The experienced and dedicated tax resolution attorneys at Pure Tax Resolution are direct employees of our company, working with our Michigan clients right here at our Milford office. If you are a Michigan individual or business owner facing IRS or State tax problems of any kind, our team of tax resolution attorneys are ready to settle your tax problems for good!

Michigan tax attorney

Andrew Linke - Senior Tax Attorney

The Advantages Our Michigan Tax Attorneys Provide

The Ability To Communicate With The IRS

An exclusive advantage that your every-day CPA or Accountant lacks.  The IRS has a special "practitioner" line reserved for licensed tax law professionals like our Michigan tax attorneys and enrolled agents. Through this channel, our licensed tax professionals are able to communicate with the highest IRS officials on behalf of our Michigan clients, in turn giving us the ability to secure the best possible tax settlements.


Superior Knowledge Of The Tax Codes

Your tax resolution professional should have advanced knowledge of the U.S. and Michigan tax codes.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents make it their professional duty to stay on track with all federal and local tax codes, giving our clients the upper hand in settling their tax problems.


Transparency & Customer Service

It's how we do business throughout our firm's every day operation.  As employees of Pure Tax Resolution, our tax attorney's most important duty is to be there for our clients.  Our tax law professionals are dedicated to provide transparent communication and superior customer service.


Flat-Rate Fees & No Hidden Costs

We strive to be as transparent as possible with our clients when it comes to the costs of our services. Hiring a tax attorney firm to settle your tax problems isn't a minor investment, and it's important for taxpayers to have a good idea how much their tax case will cost from start to finish. Unlike many tax attorney firms that charge hourly, we only offer flat-rate contracts for our tax resolution services, allowing our clients to better prepare for their tax resolution investment.

Our Tax Resolution Attorneys Settle A Variety Of Tax Problems

Settlement For Back Taxes & Penalties

Our Michigan tax attorneys get to the bottom of your back tax debt and explore every option possible to reduce or eliminate them, including rectifying misfiled or unfiled tax returns and securing affordable back tax forgiveness plans.  In addition, we negotiate with the IRS or State Treasury to abate or eliminate tax penalties as a result of your back tax debt.


Stop Wage Garnishments & Other IRS Collections

When the IRS targets you for a wage garnishment or levy, only a licensed tax professional has the power to contact the proper IRS officials and put a stop to it.  Our tax attorneys and enrolled agents have helped hundreds of Michigan taxpayers stop wage garnishment and other collections in their tracks. We can contact the IRS for you immediately and negotiate a plan to suspend your collections, and secure a tax settlement plan that will keep you assets and wages safe.


IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits can be very sensitive matters, and in many cases require the professional attention of a licensed tax attorney that can provide IRS audit representation.  As licensed tax professionals, our tax attorneys, along with our tax accountants offer an expert perspective in settling any type of audit. We can handle all necessary research and prepare all the paperwork needed to successfully settle your audit, while helping you take measures to prevent them moving forward.


Solutions For Business Tax Problems

There are a plethora of business tax problems that Michigan business owners encounter, many that can be detrimental to the well-being of a business.  In any case, our tax resolution attorneys are up to the challenge. Our firm is comprised of business tax professionals, from our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents, to our team of seasoned tax accountants.  We work together to help Michigan businesses resolve annoying business tax problems, like payroll tax issues, audits, or any tax filing issue they may have.  In addition, we offer customized tax management and payroll programs to keep your business compliant and profitable.


International Tax Help & Compliance

We are also international tax specialists, helping Michigan residents maintain healthy international tax compliance. As international tax attorneys, our licensed tax experts help with FATCA  or FBAR compliance for residents with foreign investments, or citizens that are involved with international employment that need help with tax filing compliance.  Consider us your go-to resource if you need an international tax consultant in any way.



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